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Open Signal + Open School North + Kello Goeller Residency Opening (performer)

  • open school north 7602 North Emerald Avenue Portland, OR, 97217 United States (map)

I will be a featured story teller inside this pyramid! 

At this exhibition, celebrate Open Signal's work with Open School North (OSN), led by artist-in-residence Kello Goeller. Enjoy tacos, refreshments, interactive activities and storytelling performances by artists from Kello's community and OSN students, inspired by the concept of infinity.

You'll also get to experience "i/me/you/we are infinitely unique together," the culminating project of Goeller's residency. During Goeller's time at the school, Open School North middle school students learned the basics of fractals, the concept of infinity and how these ideas connect the beauty of the natural world with math. 

After learning that their bodies are fractalline in structure, that there is a vast landscape of self-similarity inside, the students created kaleidoscopic animations inspired by the prompt: What makes you infinite? These will be displayed via a ten-foot-tall, twenty-foot-wide sound-reactive pyramid, with video projections visible from both the outside and inside of the structure. 

"These kids need community, inclusivity, safety to be themselves, and the world we live in doesn’t encourage their heart, magic and soul," said Goeller. "I've been cultivating a ‘permissionary’ practice in my work and community, leading a performance art collective to share work in progress and heal creative blocks. We need more blanket forts in this world, more fuzzy things, more pillows, to feel and cry and shine.”

See Kello's past work on their website,

Live Music by:
Ben Martens & Helen Spencer-Wallace

Storytelling by:
Feather Bear Kohn
Kelly Nesbitt
Maya Seidel
Hank Logan

Fabrication Support:
Mo West Creations
(fabric for the pyramid)