2018 KUDO TAKETERO, Butoh Workshop, Water in the Desert Theater, Portland, OR

2018  DEGENERATE ART ENSEMBLE, Butoh/Sound workshop, Water in the Desert, Portland, OR

2017  MUSHIMARU FUJIEDA, Butoh Workshop, Water in the Desert, Portland, OR                             

2017 TRACY BROYLES, Somatic workshop, The Tiny Theater, Portland, OR              

2017 MIZU DESIERTO, Harvest Butoh Workshop, Prior Day Farm, Portland, OR

2017  LIZ BARON, Theatrical Voice Training, Santa Cruz, CA       

2017 GIOVANNI FUSETTI, Summer Residency, The Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, ME

2017 GIOVANNI FUSETTI, Dreambody Seminar; Process Works Institute, Portland, OR                  

2017 KEITH HENNESSY, Practicing Death & Dying, Portland, OR

2016 DELL'ARTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Physical Theater Summer Intensive, Blue Lake, CA

2015 GIOVANNI FUSETTI, Red Noses, 4 week intensive Clown Training, Boulder, CO                  

2015 RADICAL PRESENCE, Series taught by Anet Ris-Kelman, Portland, OR            

2015 GIOVANNI FUSETTI, Neutral Mask, 3 Day Workshop, Portland, OR

2015 STUMPTOWN CLOWN COLLECTIVE, Playlab Series, Portland, OR                                             

2015 FLOCK, Exquisite Corpus Experimental, Linda Austin Dance, Portland, OR

2012/2011/2009 ROBERT POST Residencies, The Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, ME

2011 PIG IRON THEATER COMPANY, Physical Theatre, winter intensive, Philadelphia, PA

2007  LAURIE CARLOS, (Bessie/OBIE recipient), theater workshop, South Paris, ME

2006 LAURIE CARLOS, (Bessie/OBIE recipient), theater workshop,  Portland, ME

2005 GARDI HUTTER, Clown, Festival Internacional de Pallasses d'Andorra, Andorra, Europe



2019  UPCOMING - PLAYA Residency (confirmed), Summer Lake, OR

2017  GIOVANNI FUSETTI, Greenhouse Residency, Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, ME         

2017 ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO self designed residency at R.A.I.R., Rosewell, New Mexico                 

2015 SOU'WESTER LODGE, Self directed 2 week artist residency, Seaview, WA           

2012 HEWNOAKS, The University of Orono Volk Residency 2 weeks, Lovell, ME


2019 OREGON ARTS COMMISSION, Career Opportunity Grant, $595 to support attendance to PLAYA Art Residency in May 2019, Summer Lake, OR

2017  PORTfringe Festival, MERYL STREEP Award (Excellence in Acting) for Portland, ME                             

2013 GOOD IDEA GRANT, MAINE ARTS COMMISSION, $1,500, Murmurations Project, Portland, ME

2012  VISIBILITY GRANT, MAINE ARTS COMMISSION, $1,500, Portland, ME        

2011 PORTLAND PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL GRANT, $7,000, Thumb’s Up Project, Portland, ME



2016  CREATURES COLLECTIVE, monthly skillshare, co-produced with Kello Goeller, Portland, OR                                    

2016 STORY NIGHT, Interdisciplinary Variety Show, annual event since 2012, Portland, OR & ME

2013 MURMURATIONS THEATRICAL LADIES CHOIR, Ensemble project, Co-produced, Portland, ME


2007  SPINDLEWORKS, Non-profit art center for PwD, Clown Workshop, Brunswick, ME               

2004 OMEGA INSTITUTE, Superior Concept Puppetry Assistant Teacher, Rhinebeck, NY

SOLO PERFORMANCES                                                                                                                                                          

2017 ALONE/TOGETHER: Katie Piatt + Kelly Nesbitt, Shout House Studio, Portland, OR                              

2017 POONSTRUCK™ at 26th Annual San Francisco Fringe Festival, San Francisco, CA                                

2017 POONSTRUCK™ SOLO TOUR; Self produced summer tour; CA, NM, AZ, TX, OR, ME                            

2017 WHOOPEE; Sex-Positive Variety Show, Bossanova Ballroom, Portland, OR                       

2017 PORTfringe Theater Festival, POONSTRUCK™, Portland, ME                                                                      

2017 Spectacle Garden Variety Show, The Vacuum, Headwaters Theater, Portland, OR                                 

2017 Open School North + Open Signal: Kello Goeller’s Fractals/Infinity, Portland, OR                                  

2017 Queen Shmooquan Benefit Show for Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, Seattle, WA                                         

2017 Spectacle Garden Variety Show, HAI ER HUU, Headwaters Theater, Portland, OR                                 

2017 New Frontiers in Vaginal Consciousness VAGCON™, Fertile Ground Festival, Portland, OR             

2016 The Semi Charmed Kind of Show, The New Movement Comedy Club, Austin, TX                                    

2016 ODDVILLE: A New Vaudeville Tradition, The Steep & Thorny, Portland, OR        

2016 FOLLIES The Unofficial Best Ever Variety Show, Funhouse Lounge, Portland, OR

2016 SEX OF SELF, SPACE Gallery, Portland, ME                                                                                                          

2016 COME INSIDE FESTIVAL, Cosmic Fucks, Headwaters Theater, Portland, OR                        

2016 DOG DAY DANCE, Futuristic Variety Show, Portland, OR                                                                               

2016 MORGAN STREET THEATER, Ice Cream Dessert Theater, Portland, OR

2016 SPACE_TIME_SPACE, Variety Show, Shout House Studio Theater, Portland, OR                                    

2016 SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN, Variety Show, Portland, OR

2016 REVELATIONS, Dr Tallulah, Dance Naked Productions, Headwaters, Theater, Portland, OR   


2019 Have A Heart Vaudeville Gospel Service with Karla Mi Lugo, Mizu Desierto, Kelly Nesbitt, Headwaters Theater, Portland, OR

2018 Degenerate Art Ensemble, student performance, Headwaters Theater, Portland, OR

2017 THE WHIRLWIND SHOW, 30 artists, 6 original pieces of performance art based on the theme: US/THEM, all created in 24 hours. Portland, OR

2014, TIME-BASED ARTS FESTIVAL, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, SQUART!  Spontaneous Queer Art ensemble participant Portland, OR

2013, MURMURATIONS, Ladies Theatrical Choir Co-produced by Kelly Nesbitt, Portland, ME

2012, THE CELEBRATION BARN THEATER ENSEMBLE, active core member from 2009-2012

2008, MINI CABARET, Produced a 12 member ensemble and created/presented a final physical theater performance, The Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, ME

2007, THE GARGOYLEZ, All Female Band Summer Tour, New York, Massachusetts, & Maine

2006, MUSICAL BUSKING on the streets with for one month period, Lubiana, Slovenia

2006, CREMEHORN: 72 HOUR THINK TANK & TOUR; group devised musical in 72 hours sequestered on Maine farm, followed by a New England tour

2006, BUFFY MILLER; Bessie Award Winning Dancer/Choreographer, Dancer in her 'Broke/Avoid This; A Choreographic Intervention' @ SPACE Gallery, Portland, ME

2005/2006,  WORKNOT Vivification League  a collective congruency b/w Maine based “Artists Curating Artists” series, Portland, ME

2005, BREAD & PUPPET THEATER; extra performer along with Beth Nixon for part of this theater company's European tour, Spain

2005, FACE ON FIRE, Clown European Tour (6 shows plus Festival Internacional de Pallasses d'Andorra) with Beth Nixon in Andorra, Spain, France, Italy

2003, CERBERUS SHOAL EUROPEAN TOUR, Set design for the band, Ireland, France, Spain

2003, PORTLAND JUGGLERS GROUP, Collaborative Street performances, Portland, ME



2016, NBC's GRIMM, Casted television extra in 'The Beloved', Portland, OR

2016, STEFANO IABONI, Extra in his promotional film, Portland, OR

2016, HUMP! Produced another 5 minute short film (non-selected) for this Dan Savage Festival, Portland, OR

2015, IFC's PORTLANDIA, Casted television extra in 'The Spaghetti Monster', Portland, OR

2015, BUSKERFLY PRODUCTIONS, Actress in black/white short film 'Tesla', Portland, OR

2015, HUMP! Produced 5 minute short film (non-selected) for this Dan Savage Festival, Portland, OR

2011, GODZILLA, Casted as the lead Godzilla in a Great Bank short black/white film, Portland, ME


2012-2009 MAYO STREET ARTS, Community Arts & Performance Venue, Portland, ME


2013 - Present OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST, Providence Medical Center, Portland, OR                     

1999 -2013 Hospitals, Home Health, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, & Mental Health, Portland, ME


Bachelors of Arts and Science with Certification in Occupational Therapy 1999                                                                           

1994-1999 American International College, Springfield, MA

1994-1995 Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA


2018  ReFIT non-profit, no-cost home modifications for seniors and PwD, Portland, OR                                                                                             

2016/2018 CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS, Benefit Show, Volunteer Coordinator, Portland, OR

2011 PARTNERS FOR RURAL HEALTH, Rural Medical Volunteer, Dominican Republic