slap/stick thanks - with kelly + sarah bernstein12/2018

12/2018 clown improv sketch @ WITD

Artist and choreographer Moo Moo Wolf’s “LAISSE TOMBER” is a commissioned live installation in which somatic movers move magnificently throughout Portland Art Museum remaining constantly curious during opening hours with no beginning and no end. They redefine performance art into a month long exhibition. “Let it fall continues to defy gravity.” Tickets go on sale Nov 1st. Portland, Oregon - NOT to be confused with Portland, Maine. Artist discount code: PerformanceF(art). *Case-sensitive letters matter or discount will be void. #laissetomber #moomoowolf

Advice for Baffos - sketch

Costume prototype for Baffos

Sketch: Take a Chance on ME

Work Samples: 5 minutes of past completed work from 2016-2018. 2 minutes of new sketches and new works-in-progress in 2018. (mature content)

POONSTRUCK™ Tour 2017 - solo 60 minute show  Rosewell, New Mexico. 2 minutes

POONSTUCK™ Tour 2017 - solo 60 minute show - PORT Fringe Fest, Portland, Maine. 

San Fran Fringe Fest - 2017

Improv Sketcher - 2017 - Indra's Web - The Celebration Barn Theater

NEW FRONTIERS ON VAGONAL CONSCIOUSNESS (VAGCON™) solo 60 minute show - Fertile Ground Festival 2017. Filmed by Seth Nehil.

The making of VAGCON™ - 4:50 minutes

Arts & Crafts (mature audience)

Synch-Error Jokes 

ASMR - by Dr Tallulah 

Reclaiming Space- Dumpster Performance - 2005

Works from 2005 - 2006